Chen Sharon, Israel 

Now that the course is finished looking back on what happened I relies how you  and the course helped me to understand myself and what is happening around me from a new point of view. You are a special person that I will always remember. Loving so much…


Asura Gladi 

All my experiences with you have been wonderful. I felt my body, my heart, my emotions. I felt your body, your hearts, your emotions, thanks, I love you


Ami Sebban 

So, its time to say goodbye now and it can take me more than one page to write to you what I feel….but I can  guess that you already know so I just want you to know that because of you and this amazing Reiki course I found what I was looking for for a long long time. You gave me back the energy that I think I 've lost… and now I’m back in business, baby. So Niranjan and Mukesh Thank you very much for making me aware and for everything. I will never forget this lovely time here in Pune and especially in the Reiki Temple. Keep doing that great thing and take all… Shanti Shanti



Maya Ben Amotz

So what to write? It’s all just a beautiful garbage. Just thank you for reminding me what I started to forget. Be aware! Be aware! Be aware again.

Your words echo in my mind, The gaps between the thoughts getting bigger.

Gil Wohlstadter

I was in Pune 2 months ago for 1 ˝ days and never thought I would come back. But existence led me to come here again, especially for this Reiki course and I am thankful to all and especially you. These were one of the best 3 weeks of my life.


What a wonderful experience you have given us all… even though my head is broken now. Stories, stories, stories.. I first realized the flow of energy existing when I was sixteen. I had rejected it.. all in my monkey,

Thank you for helping me to allow the awareness to overtake me except in my monkey, what I have I have known for years in  my body. Drink lots of water, be aware of your shit. Thanks for letting me know what is what.  

Peace, love  


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