The quality of life changes as you approach it from a different perspective.

A perspective of awareness.

But how?

How can you bring the quality of awareness into everyday life?

Yogi Vision run  courses of various kinds to assist you on your journey.

Yogi Vision approaches Reiki as a form of meditation that assists you to get into contact with your inner self/being.

Reiki - using universal energy to balance your body …to bring about an awareness... which can only be experienced - not described. 

In three weeks it is an intensive group experience where each one learns by practicing on oneself and others, and learns by the daily sharing within members of the group.

Each one  a student; each one a teacher ………. in the unique journey through life. 

A unique experience; a shared journey.

Yogi Vision perspective-

  • intensity

  • practice

  • creativity

  • synergising with ancient traditions of crystal healing

  • sharing

And your experience does not end when the workshop ends.

Your journey actually only begins.

Each one becomes part of the extensive Yogi vision family - with over 500 members all around the world.





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